High Elements

High Elements

Climbing Wall

Our indoor climbing wall is 25 feet high, with 11 ropes for climbing and many more routes you can try with differing levels of difficulty. It is exciting to watch as beginning climbers advance through the difficulties and become more trusting in their equipment and skills.  We recommend bringing less bulky indoor shoes for the climbing wall to help you climb and to help keep the wall clean.

Giant Swing

This is an extreme swing like you’ve never seen before! You climb a short tower, get hooked into a cable and then you are ready to begin. As your team pulls you up to your desired height, up to 60 feet, you watch the ground get further and further away! The better your team works together at each station, the more efficiently the activity is ran and the more people can go swinging.

High Zip Line

Have you ever climbed a tree and just wanted to know what it was like if you jumped out, but you didnÕt want to get hurt? Well now is your chance! The high zip line is 63 feet up in a tree with a perfectly good platform that you get to shove off of and zip down a cable and pulley system. This activity is great for groups wanting to offer a fun activity during free time or for a group who wants to come all together to laugh and cry with each other!  Cedar Springs requires participants to be at least 12 years old because of the physical and mental aspect of the High Zip.

Leap of Faith

Do you think you would feel comfortable at 35 feet up in a tree? What about jumping out to catch a slippery trapeze bar? Challenge your fear of heights on one of our most daring elements: The Leap of Faith. On this challenge you must be harnessed up and climb 35 feet up a tree on to a platform. From this platform you must leap out into the air to catch the trapeze bar. This element is Challenge-by-Choice, meaning you decide how far you must jump. The bar can be set directly in front of you or out as far as 10 feet. The catch? Your fellow teammates are on the other end of your rope and are responsible for pulling the slack out as you jump into the air. This is known as a team-belay system. Think you can handle it? Bring your team’s trust to a whole new level!

Low Zip Line

The low zip line is also great for groups wanting to offer a fun free time activity or the group can come all at once to watch and cheer as their friends go down.  It is great for all ages as long as the participant can fit in a harness and climb 35 feet into the air.

Flying Squirrel

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly?  Now you can through the power of your friends!  The Flying Squirrel is a team belay system that allows groups to build trust and commitment while having fun.

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