Low Elements

Low Elements

Criss Cross

Description: Four to eight people at a time can try to cross from one tree to another by walking on suspended cables to complete the mission.

Objectives: To discover team dependence and community. Also to have fun while setting goals and working through perceived impossibilities as a team.

Wild Woozy

Description: Two partners depend on each other to traverse as far as possible along two progressively widening cables.

Objectives: To explore and grow in physical, mental, and spiritual trust and dependence within a partnership. Learn that you cannot accomplish everything alone.

Hole in Space

Description: Pass each group member through a hanging tire to get them from one dimension to the other.

Objective: Achieve a higher level of support and trust from the group. Discover team characteristics that have not yet surfaced and heighten the sense of accomplishment.

Mine Shaft Elevator

Description: The entire group must board and balance a teetering platform in order to exit the mine shaft.

Objectives: Develop leadership, listening, and problem solving skills, while building spatial awareness and comfort in being a part of a team.

Trust Fall

Description: From 3 different levels, fall backward from a platform into the arms of your group.

Objectives: Develop a greater trust and sense of community within the group. Begin to deal with the effects of perceived risk and heighten motivation to move onto other challenges.

All Aboard

Description: Situate the whole group on a small platform without any body part touching the ground for a set amount of time.

Objective: Get to know each other and begin to feel comfortable with physical contact. Start to understand the group make-up.

Spider’s Web

Description: Move the whole group from one side of the spider’s web to the other without upsetting the giant sleeping spider.

Objectives: Review the group’s ability to plan and deal with potential success and failure. Allows for group problem solving, conflict management, and develops perseverance in a stress-filled situation.

Nitro Crossing

Description: Pass over an imaginary canyon transporting a container full of life saving serum.

Objectives: Group planning and collaboration and dealing with success and failure. Realize and account for individual differences. Examine effective communication skills.

Horizontal Beam

Description: Get the entire group over a suspended horizontal beam.

Objectives: Utilize individual differences and abilities to develop problem solving skills, group support, and a heightened sense of achievement.

Meat Grinder

Description: Last way out…send your group through the factory meat grinder to escape the burning building.

Objective: Utilize individual differences. Develop problem solving abilities and group support.

T.P. Shuffle

Description: Arrange the group in a sequential line without stepping off the pole.

Objective: Begin to laugh and relax. Feel comfortable with helping each other and accepting help from others.


Description: Move the group from point A to point B with the use of two long wooden planks and ropes for hand holds. The group must make it to point B safely without any body parts touching the ground.

Objective: Determine the natural group leadership and deal with the surfacing the surfacing of conflict. Develop the whole team in being a role player in the process of achievement.

A Frames

Description: Walk a giant wooden A from point A to point B.

Objective: Use team member’s strengths to develop communication and begin to problem solve together.

Trail of Friends

This low team building activity can help your group build virtues like caring, cooperation, planning and commitment.  This is a great activity to be included in a team building session!

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