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Why have your next birthday at Cedar Springs?

Outside is better than inside

Studies show a majority of parents are bothered that their kids aren’t spending enough time outside.  Studies also show that no one in history has ever worried that their kids were not playing enough video games.

Eat your cake too!

They’re turning 12, not getting married.  When everyone is having fun, no one worries about how much the party is going to cost.  We think that should include the person paying for the party.

Say hello to my friend…

His name is FUN.  Yes, you could do the same thing as the last 19 (and counting) birthday parties you’ve been invited to.  The question is, why would you want to?  Let’s do the party that the next 19 birthdays all want to be like.

Your home is your castle

Just because someone has a birthday, it shouldn’t mean you need to hire a haz-mat crew for the aftermath.  All of the pros know, you don’t party where you live.

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