Battlefield LIVE: The Cyrus Initiative

Battlefield LIVE: The Cyrus Initiative

For years you’ve been trusted with the nation’s most closely kept secrets. You’ve seen many things that no one will ever believe, let alone know. But this new threat is something even you’ve never seen. And as the world stands on the brink of chaos, your team must do everything possible to stave off disaster.

Price – $199
Grades – 1st-9th
Dates – July 3-7* | August 14-18

* – no camp on July 4th holiday

Times –
Bothell – 9:00-5:00 | Mon-Fri
Lake Stevens – 9:00-5:00 | Mon-Fri
Lynnwood – 8:00-5:30 | Mon-Fri
Location – Lake Stevens (Bothell & Lynnwood require bus transportation +$15)
Equipment – Bring a sack lunch

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