Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Fish Planting

Students have the opportunity to release salmon fry into Beaver Creek, a salmon spawning stream. Students will learn about the salmon life cycle and the importance of a healthy stream habitat. This is only available during the spring and for three day programs.

Owl Prowl

Students dissect a pellet to determine the diet of a barn owl. Students also listen to a recording of calls to identify specific types of owls and learn unique features that make them the great predators of the night.  This class is available during the fall, winter or spring.

Student Forestry

Take a step back in time to the late 1800’s; learn the life and history of a logger. Test your skills by using the hand tools of the old time logging industry.  Work a crosscut saw, peel bark off a log, make a cedar shingle and rally together with friends to move large timber just like lumberjacks.  This class is available during the fall, winter and spring.

Northwest Wildlife

Students will use their senses to gain knowledge of animals that inhabit the northwest. Student will also examine skulls and pelts of animals native to the Pacific Northwest. By examining skulls and pelts, students will learn how to distinguish animals by size, shape, and bone structure.  This class is available during fall, winter and spring.

Stream Life

In a visit to Beaver Creek (a salmon spawning stream) students investigate and identify aquatic invertebrates, determine the temperature, the amount of oxygen in the water and the pH of the stream. Consider taking this course with Fish Planting.  This class is available during fall, winter and spring.


Students observe different types of wetland habitat at camp and learn how these ecosystems play a vital role in the lives of plants, animals and humans. If lucky, students may see one of our friends from our Beaver Lodge.  This class is available during fall, winter and spring.

Salmon Run

Come back to Beaver Creek, as the salmon do in the fall to explore the life cycle of our salmon. Discover how salmon have impacted life for centuries in the Pacific Northwest, including at Cedar Springs Camp.  This class is only available during our fall sessions.


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