How long has the camp been operating?

Cedar Springs Camp has been operating since 1966 and has been providing education in the outdoors since 1989.

Does the facility operate all year round?

Yes, throughout the year we serve as a residential camp providing outdoor education, summer camps, retreats, horseback riding, banquets, and many other functions.

Where will my child sleep?

Your child will be staying in gender specific cabins.  Cedar Springs has 21 cabins with 12 bunks.  Each cabin contains a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, and a posted evacuation plan.

Who will be in the cabin with my child?

High school leaders and/or adult chaperons, selected by your school’s teachers, will reside in the cabins with the students.  The preferred ratio is two leaders per ten campers.

What are the bathrooms like?

The bathrooms are capable of accommodating multiple students.  Bathrooms include individual showers with private changing rooms, plenty of hot water, toilets, sinks, and outlets.  These facilities are located in the center of camp.

What activities will my child participate in while at camp?

Our program provides your child with daytime classes focused on environmental education and team building skills, as well as recreation and night time activities that are selected by your child’s teacher.

Will pictures of my child taken at camp be used for publications?

On the registration form provided by Cedar Springs Camp there is a photo release.  If you would not like your child’s pictures used please check “no” on the box for the photo release.

What and where will my child be eating?

Here at Cedar Springs Camp we have a dining hall with family style meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as an afternoon snack.  We serve a healthy, balanced, kid and adult friendly menu.

What if my child has dietary needs?

Please notify your child’s teacher first, and then notify the camp of any food allergies or dietary needs.  We are more than willing to accommodate for dietary needs.

Is there a camp nurse?

Each school that visits our facility provides an acting nurse for the week.  The camp has a designated nurse’s cabin.

What should I do with my child’s medications?

The visiting school is responsible for your child’s medications just as a normal school day.  Please provide the teacher with all your child’s medications and pertinent medication information in advance.  Your school nurse will hold these.

What happens if my child is injured?

All permanent staff at Cedar Springs Camp are First Aid/CPR certified.  If necessary your child will be taken to one of the following hospitals:

Everett Providence Hospital – 425.261.3000

Pacific Providence Hospital – 425.258.7513

Am I allowed to visit my child at camp?

Only if necessary for an emergency (call first), or to drop off needed items such as medication.

Are telephone calls permitted?

Telephone calls are permitted only in emergencies.  Please be sure that your child’s teacher provides you with a contact number for an adult in the group that can be used when our offices are closed.

What should my child pack?

Bring to Camp:

Sack lunch for the first day of camp
Sleeping bag and pillow
2 pairs of older tennis shoes or boots

Hat and gloves
Long pants or jeans (extra pairs)
Underclothing and long underwear
Heavy jacket
Bath towel and wash cloth
Bath shoes (flip flops)
Soap and shampoo
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Comb or hairbrush
Toiletry accessories

Do Not Bring to Camp:

Cell phone, electronic game or music player
Candy, gum, or food of any kind
Matches, lighters or candles
Pocket knives or weapons of any kind
Cigarettes, alcohol or drugs of any kind
Nail Polish

Optional Items:

Disposable camera
Journal and pen
Postcards and stamps

Please mark of all of your child’s belongings with his or her name


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